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Side Strafing with Meetika Jadhwani

26-year-old, Meetika Jadwani is a hardcore gamer and a StarCraft lover. She started gaming on a PC since she was 10 and was obsessed with DOS based games

Meetika Jadwani - 250px x 250px26-year-old, Meetika Jadwani is a hardcore gamer and a StarCraft lover. She started gaming on a PC since she was 10 and was obsessed with DOS based games like Commander Keen and Catacombs of the Abyss. Later she went on to play on consoles, but still prefers to play on a PC. She fell in love with gaming and found it to be ‘the thing’ for her during her StarCraft sessions and gives full credits to the game. Owner of a PC, PS2 and a Wii, according to her, no one makes better consoles than Sony. Her favourite video game character is Kerrigan, from the original Starcraft, for nostalgia reasons, for one of the first strong female leads in gaming she’s come across.

Describe gamergate in one line
The gamergate controversy was in essence of the revelation that in gaming, where men, if harassed, are attacked based on their ability but women are harassed based on their gender.

Do you think gaming is friendly/inclusive to women?
Yes, but, either they (other male players) are there to help you BECAUSE you’re a girl, or they stick you into stereotypical roles like healers, which, to a certain extent is frustrating. I don’t believe that women have no place, a lot of people I’ve met in online games have been kind, but I wish people would stop being impressed by it and just let us play.

Have you had any bad gaming experiences/harassment due to your gender?
I used to play Runescape a lot when I was 16, at that point, I did get some (very little) negative remarks for what I thought was being a noob, but the taunts were quite misogynistic, they attacked my gender instead of my skill.

If there’s one thing you could fix about videogames and/or the gaming culture what would it be?
Objectifying of women, I mean really, how good is a metallic bikini for an armour? And the over consumerism that’s seeped in, we don’t play (work) hard anymore to unlock special features and awesome extra levels, we use credit card numbers.

Why do you think there aren’t as many video games with female lead characters?
I honestly do not understand it, there should be many more even if it is because of the objectification. Maybe women are still perceived to be too fragile to get into a bloodbath, or perhaps Maria rescuing Prince Plum from Bowser would offend ‘classic roles’.


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Nachiket has been obsessed with computers and videogames since the 8086 days. But don't you go asking him about his earliest gaming memory. Not unless you are fine with being subjected to an interminable monologue romanticising the warm monochrome glow of early DOS games and how the medium has since lost its soul at the turn of the millennium. When he isn't being a corporate slave at, Nachiket spends his free time tinkering with hobby grade R/C, practicing archery, or just sharpening his knives for relaxation.

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