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No Scoping With Nikita Jadhwani

September 10, 2015 — by Nachiket "therapist" Mhatre1

24 year old Nikita is a hardcore gamer based out of Bangalore, and also loves to cosplay at comic conventions. Like most, she started out with NES clones.

Nikita JadwaniThis 24-year-old is a hardcore gamer based out of Bangalore, and also loves to cosplay at comic conventions. Like most, Nikita started out with el-cheapo unbranded NES clones. However, her next step was the highly underrated but otherwise sublime Sega Dreamcast console. Thereafter, she shifted loyalty to the Sony camp with the original PlayStation followed by the PlayStation 2 and finally the Nintendo Wii.  She is of the opinion that some games are ridiculously offensive to women, but it’s subjective. The games are made by men, with the maximum target audience being men thus the objectification. But all in all, she believes that a good game is a good game and should be given a shot!

Jade Raymond or Anita Sarkeesian?
Jade. She is cooler. Anita gets a little too serious in her conversations about women in gaming.

Describe Gamergate in one line
Honestly? It’s so diluted with scandals, baseless generalizations and subjectivity that it’s pointless to even talk about it considering no one knows the real reason behind the fight anymore.

Have you had any bad gaming experiences/harassment due to your gender?
Well, I regularly experience preconceived notions. I am a girl gamer – a living breathing girl, who thoroughly enjoys video games. I am neither a myth, nor am I trying to impress the boys by “pretending” to know video games. I know my stuff.

If there’s one thing you could fix about video games and/or the gaming culture what would it be?
I’d ensure realistic portrayal of women. How can the female characters move around with such bizarre proportions, or fight with an outfit that’s makes a pair of handkerchief seem modest, or why are they getting caught and acting helpless all the time, and why can’t they be as strong as the male leads? Video games shouldn’t be portrayed as a boys-only realm. It’s a space for girls too. People should stop saying things like “Oh that’s a boy thing, you are better off with Barbies”, or “Ha, you can never be as good, you are a girl after all”. My childhood consisted of video games AND Barbies. I didn’t grow a moustache, nor was I branded a tomboy because I play video games.

Why are female video-game protagonists in short supply?
Since it is a male dominated field, game creators would want to make games that appeal to a larger demographic. If they make one with a female lead, she has to be scantily clad to get the men’s attention. But that’s a risk as it may still be branded a girly game, so to avoid that they prefer male leads instead.




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