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Meet The Gamer Girls Of India

A feature on the girls actively involved in developing and playing games. Introducing the gamer girls of India.

As a part of our September issue, we examined the importance of women gamers or gamer girls as some would call them. Obviously it can’t really be complete without including a feature on the ladies actively involved with everyone’s favourite hobby. Video game development lies pretty high up on the totem pole of nerd-dom, which makes it a rarefied space at the outset. Finding out about women involved in this niche, therefore, tends to be a novelty that generally goes down well with gamers. After all, nothing warms the cockles of our hearts than finding out that our favourite pastime isn’t the irrevocable sausage fest that we had always feared it might be.

Sometimes the vocal (and also rather horny) minority of gamers tend to overstep limits thanks to their abject inability to contain their excitement. Case in point: the Jade Raymond saga that played out following her uncannily high visibility in the Assassin’s Creed promotional blitz. The infamous saga spawned a smutty comic strip on the Something Awful forums, a rather creepy article from current reigning white knights at Kotaku waxing eloquent on how good she smells (I swear I haven’t made this up), and generally the sort of silliness you expect from the vocal minority’s reaction when it discovered the female video game developer. Trust the internet to make anything weird.

To know more about the featured gamers, click on their mugshots.

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However, the childish reaction was essentially the internet exaggerating the fundamental shock of discovering an attractive woman in an industry where the odds of finding women are only slightly better than coming across a snowflake within an active volcano. And that’s why every single feature covering women involved in the gaming industry tends to be the same tired old regurgitation featuring all too familiar names such as Jade Raymond, Amy Hennig, Lucy Bradshaw, Chelsea Howe, and Kiki Wolfkill.

That’s why I decided to buck the trend and feature women from the Indian video game industry and gaming scene in general. When I say that “I” decided to cover Indian women, I mean my colleague Barbarian Monkey. To be honest, I had no clue that there were enough Indian women involved behind the scenes in the video game spectrum. Neither did Barbarian Monkey, but his research and active effort in reaching out to them eventually paid off. Soon enough, he successfully dug out a treasure trove of Indian women actively involved in this field. In the slideshow above, you’ll come across a healthy mix of not just gamer girls, but women developers working behind the scenes, making new games.


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    For the completion of my post graduate course, I am supposed to conduct a research. For the above purpose the research topic that i have chosen is “Perceptions of Gender and Gender Stereotypes in video games”. The reason why I chose the above topic is my extreme interest for video games.
    For the above purpose, I am supposed to conducted an interview with a sample size of 30 individuals who play or have played atleast 2 hard core or soft core video games. ( I can provide you an authorization letter as a proof for authenticity purposes).

    The interview consists of around 15-20 questions. The questions are very generic which will help me understand your perception. I assure complete confidentiality of your identity. If you wish to participate in the survey, I will first be giving you a consent form to sign on.

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    • Hi Pragya,

      Hope you liked reading this feature. We are always on the lookout in covering more girls who are into gaming in India.

      Looking at your research topic of “Perceptions of Gender and Gender Stereotypes in video games”, I’m sure you must be aware about names such as Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu who are involved in controversies on the same topic. We did a story on this topic which has tried to debunk and put light on professional victims hence, I would suggest you to have a read:

      It might help you in broadening your topic or maybe even tweak up the approach you’re taking for your research. We wish you all the best.