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Knife Kills With Rashi Chandra

September 10, 2015 — by Nachiket "therapist" Mhatre0

Delhi-based Rashi Chandra is an illustrator by profession and avid gamer by hobby. 26 yr old has worked as a game artist and her love is evident in her art.

Rashi Chandra: I wish more people encouraged others to play video games and have fun instead of bully each other online. Delhi-based Rashi Chandra is a gifted illustrator by profession and avid gamer by hobby. The 26 year old has worked as a game artist. Her love for video games can be seen in her art and influences within her creative projects. Predominantly a PC gamer, Rashi pledges her console allegiance to Sony with a PlayStation 3 and PS Vita reserved only for the exclusives. She prefers the PC due to the platform’s vastly superior performance and graphics, as well as the superiority of the keyboard/mouse combination. On being asked to comment on Gamergate, she shared that she doesn’t believe in it at all and is some weird shit! Read on to find out more about her role model and one of her funny anecdotes. 

Favourite gaming memory/system?
I have been playing video games since I was three years old. My grandfather was quite tech savvy and we’ve always had a PC since I was born. I remember my dad playing Prince of Persia (the DOS version) and I was just mesmerised by the concept of a man racing against time to save a princess and fighting monsters along the way. My first game was Doom. My sister and I would play it together – me on the gun, while she would lead us around.

Favourite role model from the video game industry?
If you are asking about game characters, then, I guess, you could say that Lara Croft has been a role model to me. She’s tough and keeps her cool in dangerous situations. If you mean people in general, then I can only think of my friend and ex-colleague Vijay Sinha, who has always encouraged me to try different genres of games. Both of us are game developers – him being a Game Designer and me being a Game Artist.

Do you think gaming is friendly/inclusive to women?
My male friends have been very encouraging when it came to my love for games. However, I don’t reveal my gender to players if I am playing online with unknown people.

Have you had any bad gaming experiences due to your gender?
A guy once asked me if I played anything besides FarmVille or Candy Crush and refused to believe that I play AAA games too. It wasn’t bad as such, just amusing. I’ve always been encouraged to play video games by friends and family.

If there’s one thing you could fix about video games and/or the gaming culture what would it be?
I wish more people encouraged others to play video games and not bully each other online. Have fun, that’s all!

Why are female video game protagonists in short supply?
I guess majority of the gamers are men and the game developers feel that they should create male lead characters so that the guys can relate more with them. It’s easier to imagine you being in that world if the character is the same gender as you are.



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