Video Game Tech Phails – Part 1

January 2, 2015 — by Mithun "Barbarian_Monkey" Mohandas0


Long has the term “Nerd” been attached to gamers. Though nerds only form a small sliver of the community, we’ve regardless been encompassed in it. So what do we do? We drop ‘em “nerd” glasses on and hunt for the silliest fallacies about technology in video games. Now we aren’t going after zombies and talking bunnies, we’re going after technology that seems truly possible in this day and age but wouldn’t work in the ridiculous way that they’ve been implemented in games. So let’s don our lab coats start with the first in a line of epic fails. (Caution: This is about to get a bit pedantic.)

Just when you thought things couldn’t be sillier - video game phails