Half-Life remake Black Mesa enters Steam Early Access

May 6, 2015 — by Abhijit "BabuMoshaaye" Dey0

While relentlessly hoping to see a new Half-Life title from Valve, you must have already played tons of Half-Life mods and clones, where our righteous hero Gordon Freeman swings around the mighty Crowbar in style. One of those mods might have been Black Mesa that improved the graphics of the original game, and now Black Mesa is available on Steam in Early Access.

Black Mesa

Initially, made by fans as a mod, Black Mesa was featured under IndieDB’s Top 100 Indie of the Year Awards. The mod is still free and you can play the older version that has no changes at all.  The new version currently available on Steam has the following changes and features:

  • Heavily updated single player experience – The Black Mesa single player experience has greatly improved from the mod release; new visuals, new voice over, updated gameplay encounters, stability changes and more. Xen is not part of the Steam release of Black Mesa, but will included as a free update when it is ready.
  • Black Mesa Multiplayer – Fight with or against your friends, in two game modes across six iconic maps from the Half-Life Deathmatch universe: Bounce, Gasworks, Lambdabunker, Stalkyard, Subtransit and Undertow.
  • Custom Modding Tools – Use the same tools the developers used to create your own mods, modes and maps for Black Mesa and Black Mesa Multiplayer …
  • Fully integrated Workshop – … and then share your work on the fully integrated workshop!
  • Complete Steam Integration – Collect trading cards, backgrounds, emoticons, achievements, and everything else you would expect out of a Steam integrated game.


The game isn’t complete yet, and hence is available for Early Access currently. Though it costs $20, as development goes on, the price is expected to rise. Grab your copy now and re-visit the highly guarded Black Mesa Research Facility.

Source: Kotaku