Easter Eggs In Real Life

April 6, 2015 — by Mad "r4gs" Zombie0

We're all used to Easter Eggs in games, be it the Star Wars references in Kingdom Rush or the Lost Reference in Just Cause 2, but here are some of the most awesome Easter Eggs made by gamers the world over. And yes, they're edible.

Real Life Easter Eggs


Good vs. Evil

January 29, 2015 — by Mad "r4gs" Zombie0


In the battle for good and evil, which side did you pick? Worse still, did you even have a choice? Your gaming career is naught more than a mindless killing frenzy. Did you give thought to the hundreds, the thousands, nay, the millions that you have slain? Who is the real villain here?

In the battle for good and evil, which side did you pick?


The Ultimate Gamer

February 2, 2015 — by Mad "r4gs" Zombie0


Puny human, there is potential in you, but you are too young to realise it yet. Join me, embrace the power that lies within and in time, you and I can rule this game-verse unchallenged!

YOU can be the ultimate gamer


2014’s Gems That You Never Played

April 2, 2015 — by Kshitij "xitij2000" Sobti0


2014 has been an interesting year for gaming. It saw the release of some of the Kickstarter’s most awaited projects including The Banner Saga, Wasteland 2, Planetary Annihilation, Dreamfall Chapters, Defense Grid 2, and of course Broken Age. Among the more than a thousand games that released this year, chances are that there are few lesser known gems that probably didn’t register on your radar. Hopefully, some of the games we list here will scratch that itch you never knew you had.

15 gems from 2014 that you missed!