SKOAR! » Will you spend $22,500 on Star Citizen?

Will you spend $22,500 on Star Citizen?

Wulf Knight has spent $22,500 on Star Citizen. Will you do the same?

Star Citizen is clearly the most successful crowd-funded project and game ever. Backed by more than 859,000 people, the game has raised about $77 million. According to a long Wired story on the game, Wulf Knight has already spent about $22,500 in the game which still isn’t complete.

The highly ambitious space simulator game developed by Cloud Imperium Games doesn’t have an official launch date yet. The same Wired story says that an average Star Citizen supporter has spent $96 in the game. Wulf has bought many Star Citizen ships and has also spent $10,000 on the Wing Commander package bundle that contains 44 ships and special access to Star Citizen’s in-game “1 Million Mile High Club” VIP lounge.

Coming from the genius behind Freelancer and Wing Commander, Chris Roberts, the expectations from Star Citizen are quite high and it has kept us equally excited. Skoar will have frequent updates from Star Citizen.

Source: Gamespot | Image Courtesy: BagoGames

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