Valve VAC bans TF2 LMAOBOX hack

May 6, 2016 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

If you’re a long time Team Fortress 2 player then you’ve probably heard about LMAOBOX. LMAOBOX is a cheat program designed to give players a whole bunch of features such as customizable aimbotting, projectile prediction, weapon recoil cancellation, instant headshots for snipers and a bunch of other options including ping compensation. It’s been around for a good five years, sneaking by under Valve’s radars. It’s been the cause of frustration for many a player, who simply wanted to enjoy a fair game of TF2 on a level playing field. Well, those players can finally rejoice as LMAOBOX has finally made it onto the VAC detection list.

team fortress 2 LMAOBOX

Despite the many claims by the website stating that LMAOBOX is VAC-proof – VAC being the Valve Anti-Cheat technology – LMAOBOX has finally been detected by VAC. This has of course resulted in Valve bringing out the good ol’ ban hammer and going to town on the poor sods who thought they could git gud without doing any hard work. Since LMAOBOX made it onto VAC’s detection list, there’s been over 3000 bans, which is no joke. This is arguably one of the biggest ban waves in VAC history.

Among those 3000 or so bans, over 160 players belonged to the UGC Gaming League, which is a league promoted by Valve for TF2. TF2 is officially not a competitive game, however the UGC is by the far the most prominent league, among the many leagues that are run by players. The fact that so many supposedly good players – some of them even belonging to the platinum tier – were using LMAOBOX comes as quite a shock. It’s also a major blow to the UGC and to the possible future of TF2’s competitive scene.


While this might be quite an eye-opener for some players, in the grand scale of things this is great news for dedicated TF2 players who can now be even more optimistic about the upcoming official competitive mode for TF2.



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