Unbox, the postal service platformer, coming to PC september 7th

August 11, 2016 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

Ever been pissed at a delivery service? Well now is your chance to show them how it’s done. Unbox is a new platformer where the player will assume the role of a cardboard box. They will have to bounce and roll through mountains and islands and all sorts of terrain and deliver themselves at their destination for the greater good of the Global Postal Service! To save themselves from bankruptcy, the Global Postal Service have created living boxes which can deliver themselves to customers all around the world (don’t ask how, but they managed it). It’s your job as the newbie box to prove your worth as a self-delivering package.

This won’t be easy though. You will have to race against the clock at times and solve puzzles in order to reach your destination in time. You can also have fun with the physics and knock stuff over and just cause chaos by blowing things up. Who knows, you might actually need to do so in order to get through some levels. Furthermore, Unbox has local multiplayer and allows for split-screen gaming. They’ve also put in some multiplayer challenges in there too.


Some of the key features you can look forward to from Unbox are that it runs on Unreal Engine 4, so even though it’s a platformer and an ode to the 90s, it will still have the capabilities of modern day platformers.


Unbox is also incorporating some interesting platformer mechanics into the game which we can look forward to. For example, one such power is “Unbox” where in order to jump mid-air, boxes can shed a layer of cardboard and shrink in size to reach higher platforms.

In addition to having local multiplayer with split-screen and a background story with boss battles and unique characters, players can also customise their boxes. There’s a variety of box styles, hats, clothing, accessories, etc. So you can look your very best when you’re out delivering yourself.


We’re eager to try it out ourselves from what we’ve seen so far and hopefully we can get our mitts on the game soon!



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