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Spooky’s House of Jump Scares

You’re quite well aware of that popular catchphrase, ‘That escalated quickly’ and that was exactly our reaction when playing this game. Spooky’s House of Jump Scares wants you to survive cute terror. Using, well, jump scares to scare you, the game has you wandering through 1000 rooms, meeting cute characters that don’t stay cute for long. Broadly, the game looks like entering those horror houses you visit at amusement parks, but now it’s a game. One instant you’re endlessly browsing through the rooms, interacting with the environment and the next you’re fleeing from something that wants to hurt you. As you flee and blindly enter rooms, you’ll shriek at random because somehow, the cutest characters on this Earth will give you heart attacks.

Having your heart racing to a bunch of characters that mostly give you a warm and friendly feeling isn’t really nice *Sniff*. To completely enjoy the game the way the developers intended, play the game alone, preferably in the dark. If you’re planning to do a speedrun, we advise you to keep a defibrillator and a paper bag handy since someone will have to resuscitate you from time to time and the paper bag will give you something to breath into when you have a panic attack! Spooky’s House of Jump Scares is fun to play and altogether a new experience of gameplay, and the best part is that it’s free.

Abhijit "BabuMoshaaye" Dey

This ape-descended life form believed that coming down from the trees was a bad idea until he was introduced to video games. Has spent endless hours playing Prince of Persia, Hitman, Assassin's Creed, Unreal Tournament, Half-Life and Left 4 Dead. This makes it three sentences, Half-Life 3 confirmed.

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