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SMITE Launched On Steam Without Much Fanfare

September 12, 2015 — by Prakrit "The Pony" Dhondiyal0


The Gods decide to expand their Battlegrounds to include more gamers on Steam. A huge move by both Hi-Rez Studios and Valve.


It’s been an eventful few months for SMITE – the new MOBA rising through the ranks of gamers, worldwide. Starting off with season 2 of the SMITE Pro League, the game went on to its much-publicised Xbox One launch last month, in the midst of which Hi-Rez also announced their gamer base hitting the ten million mark. After all that excitement, the integration of the Freemium game into Steam has been the proverbial cherry on top. For older Hi-Rez fans, the game seems to be following the trend of the studio’s first commercial success – Tribes Ascend.

The SMITE forums have been all abuzz since the announcement by Hi-Rez four days ago. The chatter scales from positive to negative. The most common complaint being SMITE for Steam being region-locked, excluding some of SMITE’s active gamer base. In addition to the region lock, the transition to Steam has been anything but smooth, across the board. From install errors to updating issues, based on people’s overall reactions, we’d suggest waiting for them to iron out the glitches before shifting base to Steam. From an avid gamer’s perspective, one of the main issues is the fact that the game’s accolades and achievements fail to synchronise with Steam’s own achievements. A rather large glitch, to be honest.


Steam seems to have made a smart business decision that we think is their reaction to seeing the ten million fans of the MOBA. Better late, than never, right? All in all, the integration bodes well for the game. Both in terms of popularity and exposure. Let’s hope the already-taxed SMITE servers can handle the load! You can download SMITE from Steam here.



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