Can Leonardo DiCaprio win an Oscar in the Red Carpet Rampage game?

February 17, 2016 — by Abhijit "BabuMoshaaye" Dey0

Red Carpet Rampage is a free arcade-style button masher game for your browser. Does DiCaprio finally get his hands on the golden statue?

At this point of time, we all must realise that if Leonardo DiCaprio wins an Oscar, it’s going to break the internet. Even though there have been a number of spectacular performances by Leo in other movies rewarded with five nominations for an Academy Award, someone always beat him to it. How can we forget that face from last year’s Oscars when Matthew McConaughey snatched away the Academy Award? Nonetheless, we are psyched about this time’s Oscar nominations because guess who got nominated for the Best Actor category this year? Yes, you guessed it right. Leo has been nominated, again. And 2016 might just be the year Leonardo finally got his hands on the golden statue, considering all he went through in The Revenant (brilliant acting of course). Until we wait for the glorious evening at Kodak Theatre, a team of animators from London have put up a game about Leo’s race to the Oscars called Red Carpet Rampage.

Red Carpet Rampage

Red Carpet Rampage is a free arcade-style button masher game for your browser. The objective here is simple. You need to literally destroy your keyboard by incessantly mashing a set of keys as Leo chases down the golden statue. The race to grab the Oscar won’t be easy since a horde of paparazzi will try to stop you along with icebergs and Lady Gaga trying to push you behind on the red carpet. Along the way, you get to pick up other awards as well including BAFTAs, Golden Globes, Emmys and other prizes. But we all know that dear Leo has already won them but they do add up to your final score. It’s not going to be easy since after a few rounds, his chase is accompanied by fellow nominees for the Best Actor category – Bryan Cranston, Eddie Redmayne, Matt Damon and Michael Fassbender.

Red Carpet Rampage Score

There are also mini-games inside such as trying to find the black nominee from the crowd, ‘act harder’, writing an acceptance speech and crawling to his Lamborghini Countach (from Wolf of Wall Street). As soon as we discovered this crazy game, we couldn’t stop pummeling down our keyboards to get the highest score. We were barely able to write down this story with our aching fingers and arms but we want you to join our plight as well. Red Carpet Rampage is incredibly fun to play and perfect to blow off some steam at work. We hope that you can beat our high score, not that we are bragging about it.

Source: International Business Times



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