Saints Row IV: Gat out of Hell

April 2, 2015 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

Saints Row IV: Gat out of Hell takes you on an other-worldly trip that you’ll never forget!

If your vision of Hell is a world on fire with lava spewing all over the place and zombie-husk creature thingies everywhere else, then Saints Row IV: Gat out of Hell got it almost spot on; throw in a ‘50s setting, lots of neon, busted and banged up cars, a few buff demons and creepy flying dudes and you’re good to go.


If you hadn’t figured it out from the title by now, this game revolves mostly around Johnny Gat, well Kinzie too, but mostly Gat. Gat out of Hell is a stand-alone DLC released by Volition with some much needed love for Gat and some more of the over-the-top insanity we’re accustomed to in a Saints Row game.

The protagonist’s antics in Saints Row 4, you know, being the Leader of the Saints/President of the United States /Vanquisher of Aliens/Queller of Invasions/Overlord of the Universe and so-on, has caught the attention of the Ruler of Hell itself. Now why would Mephistopheles have an interest in the protagonist you say? After most of Earth was killed off, a large part of the population obviously ended up in Hell, which meant that Hell was ready to wage war on Heaven, which on the other hand was suffering from a serious traffic jam at the pearly gates, what with St. Peter’s meticulousness and all that. So Mephistopheles needed a leader for his armies, and a husband for his daughter. So obviously, on Kinzie’s birthday the Boss is sucked into Hell to lead its armies and marry Satan’s daughter. Phew, the struggles of the glitterati!

So now it’s up to Gat and birthday girl Kinzie Kensington to go to hell and save the Boss from Mephistopheles. Yeah, sounds legit.

Fly, little demon! FLY!

One of those creepy flying dudes-1After a few minutes into the game, once we acquire a certain Halo from a certain someone, we’re all set to light Hell ablaze with our brand new abilities, which, in all honesty, are modified versions of the powers we had in Saints Row 4, with a few exceptions, including the ability to fly. Yes, we can now fly! With the fanciest set of wings we’ve ever seen. And we must say, flying around Hell has never been more stylish, or fun. As in the previous two titles, the map is littered with collectable orbs that can be used to power up and upgrade your new abilities. While at first it may feel like a chore, it’s quite enjoyable to collect orbs while having a casual flight along lava beaches and lava falls and lava pools and la- wow, there’s a lotta lava in Hell, but you get the idea.

On arriving in hell, you’re introduced to your new abilities and your new homies via a series of short missions. Yes, they’re in Hell, and yes, we may have put a few of them there ourselves, but they don’t like Satan either so that’s ok with us. Unlike previous titles, your progress is determined by side activities rather than story missions, there’s a meter that needs to be filled and when it’s full, you’ve successfully pissed Satan off and may progress with the story. New side activities have been added in addition to the older ones which utilize your newer abilities, such as
your newfound ability to fly. Did we mention that you can fly in this game?

You want it, you Gat it!

sr4-MAINAs with any Saints Row game, whacky story, crazy plot twists and downright insane weapons are the norm. Into Disney style musicals? This game’s for you. Ever wanted to relax on a chair equipped with mini-guns and rocket launchers? Check. Wanted a giant glowing skull that exorcises demons? You got it.

Even though the game is pretty short, the whole ride, or should we say flight, is quite enjoyable, even more so with a co-op partner. And even though the game revolves solely around side activities, it does strive to make them fun. It’s unfortunate though, with the world and the characters introduced, this game could have been so much more. It leaves you with a “what if” feeling that doesn’t sit too well with you when you’ve finished the game and you’re staring at the five possible endings you can choose from.

Saints Row IV: Gat out of Hell
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