Just Cause 3 Review

February 11, 2016 — by Abhijit "BabuMoshaaye" Dey0



Just Cause 3 Review

February 11, 2016 — by Abhijit "BabuMoshaaye" Dey0

The Dictator Removal Specialist’s Homecoming

There’s another open world video game in town, Just Cause 3. And it is amazing. Yes, the plot isn’t brilliant, but there’s so much more it does to compensate. The opening scene begins with a bang, literally, and it’s a clear indication of the explosive frenzy that you have just stepped into. As for the story, yet again, it revolves around another megalomaniac dictator named General Di Ravello vying for world domination. He’s after some uber-impotant-unobtanium-level crap that’s found only in Medici. But the eccentric and brutal General’s ambitions are not going to come to fruition because he’s just messed with our protagonist Rico’s homeland. S**t just got personal.

Borrowing from the previous game, you will have the trustworthy grappler and parachute, both having gone through enhancements. The grapple hook is stronger, more stable and lets you tether down objects. The parachute also is enhanced, making it easier to drill down enemies with your assault rifle while floating mid-air. Tethering down objects and being able to retract two tethered objects completely changes the gameplay mechanics, in a good way. The wingsuit is a great addition and has been our most used element from the game. The gameplay is similar to Just Cause 2, and you’ll be doing the same thing again which is liberating towns as you progress in the main story. Apart from the liberation, there are extra side missions which needn’t be completed but are too good to be ignored. The extra side missions like the Wingsuit Course and Land Race help you earn upgrades which will just make your main story missions that much easier. That right there is strong motivation for you to try them all.

Just cause 3 review

Just cause 3 – Bigger and louder

In essence, the open world map of Just Cause 3 seems bigger than the one in Just Cause 2. Technically, both the maps have almost the same area of 400 square miles (1,000 square kilometers). But why does it seem bigger? Medici has more volumetric terrain compared to Panau and there’s more area to cover vertically. This means you can dive into deep underground caverns and scale tall mountains effectively this time. Based on the Mediterranean regions, the Medici landscape is a delight to the eyes with lush forests, crystal clear waters and rich flower beds spread across the entire region. It would be a shame to see such beautiful landscapes being torn apart by explosions – said no one ever. You will derive a weird sense of pleasure watching bridges crumble and huge antennas being pulled down, followed by a feeling of pride being the one responsible for all the destruction. This game sees a lot of improvements in terms of graphics and the interactivity between the environment and your character.

Blowing up a huge satellite dish will result in you being able to interact with every broken piece from the structure. Side missions are extremely important since the main story is dependent on how many towns have been liberated. There’s not much to complain about finishing these side missions since they aren’t boring and dull as they were in Mad Max (another open world game from Avalanche Studios). They are hardly repetitive and the towns don’t have the same structures to destroy. For amateurs, the heavily guarded command centers might seem difficult. Albeit, armed with a parachute, grapple hook, wingsuit and unlimited explosives, nothing seems impossible.

Just cause 3 review

vehicles are too mainstream

As you spend more time exploring Medici, you’ll realise that driving cars or flying helicopters is plain boring. It’s indeed surprising why one would use vehicles to travel when you have your own wingsuit. This may sound absurd now, sure, but wait until you actually play the game. You might bump into tree branches or electric poles but once you get the hang of it, you’ll forego even walking. Switching between the parachute and wingsuit while gliding helps to sustain a continuous flight, aided by the grappler to gain height or speed.

Ain’t nobody got time for dying

We have been saying this from a long time and we’ll stand by our word: video games these days have become way too easy. So easy in fact that it’s actually difficult to die even deliberately. Trust me I tried. Jumping off cliffs? Nope, still alive. We didn’t shoot back at the hordes of enemies gunning us down. Almost died. It’s hilarious when it comes to free-falling from a great height, something which was seen in the previous game as well. Whether it’s from a helicopter or from a bridge, you can save yourself from smashing Rico’s face by simply grappling to the ground. In short, you can say goodbye to traditional physics in Just Cause 3.

Just cause 3 review

Coming to the easy part, the main mission and the side missions have been a breeze. None of us had to break our heads figuring out ways to complete a mission in Just Cause 3. Guided by navigational cues, a stockpile of unlimited remote explosives and poor marksmanship from the enemies, you’ll be able to liberate towns in no time. To be honest, some of the command centers did pose a challenge to liberate but only when you’re dumb enough to bring a knife to a gunfight. Once you master the method of tethering structures with the grapple hook and planting GE-64 explosives, you become close to invincible. The point here is, you don’t need to fret about the difficulty of the game.

Are we complaining?

Of course. Just Cause 3 is buggy and it can’t be ignored. Although, it rarely interfered with the fluidity of the gameplay, cars and sea vehicles would simply vanish. The erratic behaviour of the AI characters sometimes made it easier to get kills since they kept moving around without shooting back. The crosshair didn’t always lock on to tether even though the object or terrain was close enough to be hooked. The “heat level” increased normally but losing it was incredibly easy at times by going off-road, and we aren’t sure whether it’s a failed game mechanic.

Just cause 3 review

The verdict

Crazy would be an understatement to compliment Just Cause 3. Solely based on the number of ways in which you can cause mayhem, it’s intriguing. Even after you complete the main story, start experimenting with all the weapons and gear mods available. Obviously, you can do this while playing the main story. Just to get your imagination running, you can tether two helicopters and to crash them towards each other. You can tether the enemy soldiers to helicopters, sending them off for a ride. Go crazy by planting explosives on an enemy, remotely detonate while tethered to a destructible structure and laugh out loud. Sorry, it just brought out the best in us. The possibilities are huge. This is a great sequel to an already successful game, only lacking on the story and annoying gameplay bugs.

Just Cause 3 Review
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