Mass Effect Andromeda unveils latest gameplay trailer

December 5, 2016 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

Andromeda’s latest trailer showcases some of the new things we’ll be able to do in the game in addition to combat

In case you guys missed it, the latest trailer of Mass Effect Andromeda was showcased at The Game Awards a few days ago and features some actual gameplay footage.

There’s a lot to take in here with the video showing off quite a few of the new features in Andromeda that make it stand apart from the original trilogy. Combat looks fast-paced with lots of action happening around the field. It definitely looks very flashy with the biotic charges and incineration blasts. Not quite sure if they’re carrying over the pausing and squad commands this time around, only time will tell about that. Other than combat, there’s also emphasis on resource gathering and crafting. Resource gathering was present in the original trilogy as well, but crafting is something new. We also get a glimpse of a new scanning tool, which doubles as some kind of detective mode to find evidence and clues. Oh, and there’s a female Turian in your squad. Diversity, ho!

The Mako is making a comeback in Andromeda, of course this was already known, but we got to see some footage of the new Mako in action. Hopefully, the new Mako has the same logic defying mountain climbing skills as the first one; you’re bound to come across a mountain or two in a whole new galaxy, right?

Hmm what else? Oh right, the Kett, the new alien race. All we know about them is that they’re the new baddies. Or are they? BioWare are good at plot twists, we’ll give them that. But for the time being, we don’t know their role or anything else about them.

The game does still look like it remains true to the Mass Effect format and maintains the Mass Effect feel. Let’s hope it stays that way when it does finally release sometime in March next year.



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