John & The Cursed Dungeon hits Steam Greenlight

February 29, 2016 — by Skoar Harbinger0

Zabuza Lab’s John & The Cursed Dungeon scheduled to release in March 2016 has hit the Steam Greenlight. The game follows John as he makes his way through a cursed dungeon and has to solve puzzles along the way. The final release is said to have around 100 levels with each level involving even tougher puzzles as the player progresses through the game.

You can read the full press release below

Brings Sliding Game Mechanic to PC Gaming!

8th February 2016, NASHIK, INDIA: John & The Cursed Dungeon is a new game by Indian indie studio Zabuza labs, that with a scheduled release month of March 2016.

Players control the character of John, who is somehow trapped in a cursed dungeon. You have to help him get out of the dungeon. John & The Cursed Dungeon is a 100 level game, where you have to collect the key & find your way through the door. With different challenges & complex puzzle solving, players are supposed to free the John.

John & The Cursed Dungeon

“With an underground art style and semi-realistic dungeon environment, we believe this different gaming experience will be well received by the active community at Steam Greenlight”, said Manas Gajare, CEO, Zabuza Labs.

John & The Cursed Dungeon is under development for almost a year, and very shortly the final version of the game will be available for release. With Evolved game design elements, animation & visual effects, Zabuza Labs team is expecting the positive response from PC gaming community.

Watch the Trailer of ‘John & The Cursed Dungeon’ on YouTube

John & The Cursed Dungeon is now up live on Steam Greenlight for voting here
For more information please visit official website 

John & The Cursed Dungeon



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