Indie studio The Outsiders just teased their first game: Project Wight

November 4, 2016 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

Go HAM on vikings and rend them to shreds as a Wight. Project Wight does show some promise as a new RPG IP from David Goldfarb, former Lead Designer on BF3.

The project, currently titled Project Wight, is set in an alternative history in the early Viking era in a world shared by humans and a forgotten and intelligent species of creature. But, here’s the twist, you play as one of those creatures. The game has you play as the monster and “see the world through the eyes of those creatures.” Yep, the main character is a monster and we’re already kind of sold. Reminds us of the good old Prototype (okay yea, it’s not THAT old) days. Anyway, your kind has been hunted down to the brink of extinction by the humans and you as the monster, need to adapt and survive.

Project Wight The Outsiders RPG

The video is narrated by the former lead designer of Battlefield 3 and Payday 2 game director – David Goldfarb. He established The Outsiders in 2015 along with the Benjamin Cousins, all former Battlefield developers. This is the studio’s very first game.

In the teaser video released by the studio, Goldfarb tells us about the monster or creature you control and how it’s abilities are affected by the age of the creature you’re playing. In this particular teaser he tells about how the younger ones specialize in sneaking around and climbing, and also how their smaller size enables them to crawl into smaller and tighter spaces to get away from human predators as they’re most vulnerable at this age.
Towards the end of the teaser however, we see a sneak peek at what an older more adolescent creature is capable of, and well, all we can say is it was mighty impressive and involved flinging people off of cliffs.

We don’t know about you guys but we are definitely looking forward to how this one turns out. They have been putting a few updates on their Facebook page.



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