League of Legends is getting an esports reality show

July 31, 2017 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

Do you have what it takes to be 'The Next Gamer'?

Well, it was bound to happen eventually. Esports has become huge to the point where a reality TV show about the same is not really that surprising. The game in question getting an esports reality show is League of Legends.

The show announced goes by the name of “The Next Gamer” and will take place in Australia. The goal of the show is to find the country’s next League of Legends prodigy. It will, of course, be streamed online for the world to watch.

League of legends

The show will start with a total of 40 participants, with one eventually being crowned the winner. The winner will take away a prize of AU$10,000 in prize money and a six-month contract with a professional League of Legends team. One of the Oceanic Professional teams that is.

Here’s the full process, though again, it only applies if you’re living down under.

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The format is quite familiar with other reality shows, one such example is “The Ultimate Fighter”, which focused on finding the next UFC champion. The UFC blew up soon after, which you could attribute to the show, which came out way back in 2005 and now has 22 seasons.

League of Legends, however, doesn’t need to worry about blowing up, it’s already pretty big, with last years League Championship having over 14 million concurrent viewers.



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