Turtle Rock make unfinished Left 4 Dead campaign available for play

November 7, 2016 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

The unfinished campaign ‘Dam It’ is available for download but comes with issues

Turtle Rock Studios, the devs behind Left 4 Dead, have released the final unfinished campaign for their renowned zombie shooter and it’s available to play right now. All you need is an internet connection and the game, and you’re good to go.

Left 4 Dead

Co-founder Chris Ashton made a post on the Turtle Rock forums linking to the campaign, saying that the studio had put the Dam It campaign into Left 4 Dead as an add-on. “It’s gray box, and some code features are missing, but it’s playable from beginning to end,” he wrote. “It also includes two standalone survival maps that never shipped.”

If you’re looking to play the campaign yourself, you can download it here. There’s two ways to go about installing it, with the automatic way being unzipping the .vpk file and simply double clicking to execute, or the manual way where you unzip the file and copy it to the Left 4 Dead “addons” folder.

Dam It is a unique campaign in the sense that it encourages survivors to split up rather than stick together in order to improve chances of survival. On the page for the add-on it says, “Dam It stitches Dead Air and Blood Harvest together.” There’s no code changes included however, since it’s an add-on. Which means there’s a number of issues such as events not triggered, zombies not crawling around in the orchard, etc. There’s actually a list of all the issues along with a map of the campaign on the Dam It site. Note that a community made campaign of the same name already exists.

Regarding the status of servers for Evolve and L4D, Ashton replied to a fan that,”[Keeping servers up will] all be up to 2K on out, the same as anything Left 4 Dead related is in Valve’s hands.” This is after Turtle Rock was recently taken off of Evolve’s development after 2K took over.



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