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Forza Horizon 3 Review

October 21, 2016 — by Sameer "Psycho Mantis" Mitha0


Xbox OneReviewPC

Forza Horizon 3 Review

October 21, 2016 — by Sameer "Psycho Mantis" Mitha0

The best looking game on the Xbox One

If there is one driving simulator franchise that can give PlayStation’s Gran Turismo a run for its money, its Microsoft’s Forza franchise. For those unaware, we get a Forza game every year. Every alternate year, it’s Forza Motosport and every other year its Forza Horizon. Today we have with us Forza Horizon 3 and I think it is the best looking game on the Xbox One.


Forza Horizon 3 is yet another Microsoft Play Anywhere game. Which means that when you buy the game on the Xbox One, you get the PC copy as well. The game looks amazing on both the platform. On the PC you have the option to run the game at 60FPS but that demands a lot of horsepower. On the Xbox One, the game runs at 1080p 60FPS. We played the game on the original Xbox One and the Xbox One S and it ran flawlessly on both the consoles.

Forza Horizon 3 Review

We mostly played Forza Horizon 3 on the Xbox One S and the graphics of the game are beautiful. At 1080p 30FPS there is no frame drop or anything wrong with the game at a technical level. Simply put, it’s the best looking game on the Xbox One. From the lust green environments of the forest, to the small patches of desert, city street and beaches, the visual fidelity of this game is very impressive. There is also dynamic weather at play here so be it a hot summer afternoon, or a rainy day or even races at night, Forza Horizon 3  looks stunning. If you are in the cockpit view and driving through the rain, then the effect of the rain on the windscreen are very realistic.

Overall, there is no place to complain about the graphics of Forza Horizon 3. Its beautiful! Period!

Forza Horizon 3 Review


Another area where the game excels is with the sound. The supporting cast, which essentially tells you where to go and what to do, in a game like this is usually sounds very cheeky. But here, the supporting cast isn’t bad. In fact, since the story is about you and building your festival, these supporting characters make you feel like the center of attraction.

Coming to the sound that matters – the cars. they sound breathtaking. The game opens with you driving a Lamborghini and the opening sequence sets the stage for what to expect from the game. I have the Klipsch Promedia 2.1 speakers and a pair of HyperX Cloud Revolver headphones. I had no idea my speakers could sound this good. From the revving of the engine to something as simple as drifting, the sound of the game is unique and immersive. Add to it the fact that you have a bunch of radio stations that you can acquire to be a part of the festival, and you have a catalogue of background music and radio stations that can give GTA V a run for its money.

Forza Horizon 3 Review


The beauty of Forza Horzon 3 is that the game is aimed at everyone. If you are new to driving games, you can switch on all the possible assistants and have a good time. I put the controller in the hands of people that aren’t gamers with all the assistants on and saw them actually have fun. There is also a custom option where you can have specific assistants on based on your play style. From traction control, manual shifting to manual breaking, you can really customize the way you play the game. There is incentive in switching off the assistants. The fewer the assistants you enable, the higher the points you get at the end of each race.

Since the game is so vast you have a virtual assistant at your disposal at all times. The virtual assistant works in the same way we have seen Google assistant. It will direct you to your next objective, tell you the closest race, so on and so forth. It’s a nice touch especially if you feel clueless and want to know what to do next.

Forza Horizon 3 Review

Coming to the core gameplay, there is only one quam I have with it. The tracks that you race on may feel very slim at times. The roads aren’t as wide at times as I am used to. This isn’t a major hindrance, but just something that caught my eye. As far as driving is concerned, the cars handle very well. If you want to play as a “beginner” you can feel how simple the cars feel to control, especially when you switch of assistance and want to car to drive like it really wood. This will enable a larger audience of gamers play a racing simulator.

Every car has its own handling from off-roading buggies, to sports car and MUV’s.

Platforms: Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
Price: Xbox One & PC: Rs. 3,999
Reviewed on: Xbox One
Developers: Playground Games
Publishers: Microsoft Studios

Another interesting aspect of the gameplay is the sheer number of things you can do while navigating from one end of the map to the other. On your way to a race you may come across a special PR activity that can help you get followers, find a driver to challenge or come across an exhibition race. You get the feeling of unlimited activities at your disposal at any given point in time. The game is quite lenient with what it offers. Even if you drift and destroy property you get destruction points adding to the overall “total points” at the end of the event.

Drivatars have been a part of the Forza family for quite some time and its an interesting change when compared to racing against AI. You also get a log which shows you how your friends performed in the game adding a sort of co-op flavour offline gameplay.

Forza Horizon 3 Review

Overall, Forza Horizon 3 has a lot to offer when it comes to gameplay. A roster of 350+ cars, customization and tuning options, the ability to upgrade the cars, and more, the game has a lot to offer.

Forza Horizon 3 Verdict

Overall, Forza Horzon 3 is a fantastic game for amateurs and racing enthusiasts alike. It’s a driving game for everyone. The graphics of the game are breathtaking and prove what the Xbox One is capable off if a developer really delves deep into the system. The sound design will make you appreciate your expensive headphones or speaker system. The sheer volume of things that you can do in the game will keep you hooked for a long time. A must have, if you are an Xbox One owner and enjoy playing racing games.

Beautiful visuals
Fun and immersive gameplay
Great sound
Large roster of cars
Deep customization options
Forza Horizon 3 Review
9.5 / 10  
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