First Impressions: Mass Effect Andromeda (Trial)

March 16, 2017 — by Siddharth "Staticsid" Parwatay0



First Impressions: Mass Effect Andromeda (Trial)

March 16, 2017 — by Siddharth "Staticsid" Parwatay0

An hour into playing the Mass Effect Andromeda trial, here are our initial thoughts

Mass Effect Andromeda opened up for preloading around 4 AM IST here in India and it was promptly downloaded on a 100mbps line (go Jio FTTH!) ready to play within hours of us waking up in the morning. Unfortunately, pesky work commitments like an in-ear headphone test kept up away from the PC all day. But we cannot resist any longer! Andromeda must be explored!

<very minor spoilers ahead>

The game gives you the option to set up custom characters with choices for gender, features, and backstory etc but since default Sheppard is the best Sheppard, we decided to get on with it and went ahead as the default “Scott Ryder”. Predictably, your gameplay begins with you waking up from cryostasis and events unfold pretty quickly.

mass effect andromeda 1

The following are some observations we made after playing for an hour:

No training wheels

Those pesky training overlays, cutscenes and baby missions have been reduced considerably. You are pretty much thrown into the action from the get go and you need to figure stuff out by yourself. Take for instance the combos and tricks you can do with rocket jumping and melee attacks. We likey.

mass effect andromeda 2

Action begins pretty early

It’s kinda nice that the character development crap has been kept to a minimum. At least at the start. Sure, all that is important if you want to the player to be emotionally invested yada yada but it’s nice that they’ve kept that for later. For now it’s ALIENS! Bang bang bang!

mass effect andromeda 3

Mass Effect Andromeda is grand

The whole brave adventurer going boldly where no man has gone before thing has been done quite well. The ship designs, scale, and grandeur pulls you in. The goosebumpy music and crescendo moments help too.

mass effect andromeda 4

A little predictable (*spoilerrrssss*)

Right from the very beginning you get the feeling that the “Pathfinder” is going to meet a fiery demise. It was only a question of when that responsibility gets foisted on your so far untrained and reluctant shoulders. Ans: about an hour into the game 🙂

Can be overwhelming for non-spectres

Figuring out gameplay mechanics, especially with this no training wheels approach can be quite overwhelming for those who haven’t played any of the earlier Mass Effect games, we reckon. Though you should be able to catch on. And as the game progresses hopefully the references to past games would be explained in more detail. Otherwise it’ll just be “What’s a biotic?” or “Who’s an N7?”

mass effect andromeda 5

Now only one question remains: do we really need a pet pyjak?

Whether we’re buying Mass Effect Andromeda or not is a foregone conclusion: yes of course! But which edition to go for? The Deluxe Edition is Rs. 450 more than the Standard Edition and includes a pet pyjak amongst other skins and stuff. Tough decision. Still, we have four days to decide. The game officially releases on March 20th 8:30 PM IST.



Siddharth "Staticsid" Parwatay

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