AMD’s giving away free HITMAN game with graphics cards and CPUs

February 16, 2016 — by Skoar Harbinger0

AMD has partnered with IO Interactive to give away free Hitman game copies with select AMD products. The bundle will be available with all purchases of these products between 16th February to 30th April 2016. A free Hitman game copy will be bundled along with the purchase of an AMD Radeon R9 390/390X graphics card or FX 6-/8-Core processors. Along with this, you will also receive access to Hitman’s BETA release starting on 19th February.

free HITMAN game

You can read the full press release below

AMD is once again partnering with IO Interactive to bring an incredible Hitman gaming experience to the PC. As the newest member of the AMD Gaming Evolved program, Hitman will feature top-flight effects and performance optimizations for PC gamers. AMD’s latest mission will commence on 16th of February 2016. Qualifying purchases from participating retailers of an AMD Radeon R9 390/390X graphics card or FX 6-/8-Core PIB will receive a free copy of the creative stealth action game – Hitman. As well as the full years content, users will also receive access to the BETA for Hitman, running from the 19th – 22nd February, 2016.

AMD FX™ processors are a DirectX® 12 performance leader, with the highest clocks and the most cores you can get on a desktop PC. Coupled with the leading-edge performance of the AMD Radeon™ R9-390/390x and innovative technologies such as AMD FreeSync™ technology which puts an end to choppy gameplay and broken frames with fluid, artifact-free performance at virtually any framerate, the choice is simple.

Hitman will leverage unique DX12 hardware found in only AMD Radeon GPUs-called asynchronous compute engines-to handle heavier workloads and better image quality without compromising performance. PC gamers may have heard of asynchronous compute already, and Hitman demonstrates the best implementation of this exciting technology yet. By unlocking performance in GPUs and processors that couldn’t be touched in DirectX 11, gamers can get new performance out of the hardware they already own.

AMD is also looking to provide an exceptional experience to PC gamers with high-end PCs, collaborating with IO Interactive to implement AMD Eyefinity and ultrawide support, plus super-sample anti-aliasing for the best possible AA quality.

This partnership is a journey three years in the making, which started with Hitman: Absolution in 2012, a top seller in Europe and widely critically acclaimed. PC technical reviewers lauded all the knobs and dials that pushed GPUs of the time to their limit. That was no accident. With on-staff game developers, source code and effects, the AMD Gaming Evolved program helps developers to bring the best out of a GPU. And now in 2016, Hitman gets the same PC-focused treatment with AMD and IO Interactive to ensure that the series’ newest title represents another great showcase for PC gaming!

The bundle will last until 30th April, 2016 or whilst supplies last. Vouchers can be redeemed until 30th, June 2016.

Please note that this bundle includes access to the BETA for Hitman.


Q: When would be the first game download possible?
A: On the 19th February, 2016 when the BETA goes live on Steam.

Q: How long is the BETA phase?
A: 19th – 22nd February, 2016; after the 22nd February, 2016, the customer has to wait until final game release on the 11th March, 2016.

Q: What’s the game value?

Q: What does the game bundle offer include?
A: We get the full year’s content.  Players will see the new content show up in their Steam accounts as they are released.



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