Amazon’s Breakaway will be the first game to use Stream+

October 3, 2016 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

Amazon’s next game, a four-on-four multiplayer game called Breakaway, will be the first to use Stream+Twitch’s new currency.

Twitch, the popular streaming site has introduced a new currency, Stream+, which they revealed at Twitchcon in San Diego earlier this year. And now Amazon Game Studios has promised that Stream+ will integrate directly with their new game, Breakaway. Players can earn the currency while watching the matches online and then use the same to bet on the outcome of the match.

Breakaway is a MOBA title of sorts, created by Killer Instinct and developed by Double Helix games. It combines elements of MOBA games and Tower Defence and even free-for-all Rocket League-esq gameplay. You can build catapults and such on your side of the map before heading out to the middle to duke it out and play magic football with a relic-ball-thing. The playable characters are taken from real-world mythos, such as Spartacus and Vlad the Impaler. The characters fit the usual tropes of MOBA games, filling roles like support, DPS, and tank.


If you weren’t aware, Amazon owns Twitch, they bought Twitch in 2014 for a little less than $1 billion. So it makes sense that an Amazon Studios game will be the first to use Stream+, rather than established Twitch titles like League of Legends. We don’t have any details as to how exactly this new currency will work but we do know that viewers will be able to wager or bet on matches. What you get out of it or what you can exchange it for remains to be known.

Considering the recent clampdown on Counter Strike: Global Offensive betting sites, Twitch and Amazon would need to have a system in place to ensure there won’t be any inappropriate financial gain.

Since Twitch is connected to Amazon, it is possible that there will be more venues for one to spend said currency at. Amazon Game Studios have said that we should expect Stream+ integration on two other titles coming from them in the future as well: New World, and Crucible. We don’t have any release dates for these titles as of yet.



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