A Blast From The Past: Fan Remakes

April 1, 2015 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0



A Blast From The Past: Fan Remakes

April 1, 2015 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0


Great games have come and gone, but it’s the fans that truly keep a game alive. And we mean that literally, and not just in their hearts. Of course, when fans try to recreate something that took a whole team of professionals several years to make, we’re bound to be a bit sceptical. But sometimes things just work out and you’re left with a masterpiece that withstood the test of time!

Chrono Resurrection

Chrono ResurrectionWhen Chrono Trigger first came out for the Super Nintendo, nobody expected much. After all, with titles like Final Fantasy floating about, what could top that, right? But Chrono Trigger turned out to be a gem, an RPG masterpiece with an innovative new battle system, a memorable storyline and characters, multiple endings, and an immersive soundtrack; possibly making it one of the best role playing games of all time. Chrono Resurrection receives honourable mentions as it could have been one of the greatest fan made remakes ever. Chrono Resurrection was a beautiful rendition of the original Chrono Trigger, all in glorious 3D, with character and environment detail that could match today’s standards. Unfortunately, Resurrection was ceased-and-desisted by Square Enix and this project never saw the light of day.

The Silver Lining

The Silver LiningWe’ve all heard of King’s quest at some point. Those were the days of adventuring and puzzle solving, defeating stereotypical villains and saving damsels in distress. When the original King’s Quest was abandoned, leaving most of its fans dissatisfied and lost with an unfinished storyline, Phoenix Online Studios stepped in to give the Royal Family a proper send off. The graphics and visuals have been properly boosted to take advantage of today’s tech and the characters, plots and puzzles have been made up-to-date. The die-hard fans can now rejoice! They can once again enjoy that good old King’s Quest humor and lose themselves in the plot with the characters they so fondly remember and love <sniff>.

GoldenEye: Source

GoldenEye Source1N64’s GoldenEye 007 could arguably be one of the best console multiplayer shooters of all time. Now imagine the same game with today’s technology. You simply throw in a couple o’ modern graphic upgrades and put the whole game online and voila! You get GoldenEye: Source. Leave it to Half-Life modders to make everything better, right? What’s more, they’ve even expanded the number of players and added more modes and maps in addition to the ones already present, we’re sure that those of you who’ve played the original GoldenEye have fond memories of the Facility. It does a fantastic job of capturing the pace and ambience of the original game and that’s saying something!

The Dark Mod

The Dark ModThe Dark Mod is basically an attempt to completely recreate Thief, on Doom 3’s engine. Don’t worry, there are no sci-fi elements to worry about, the modders took care of that, and then some. The modders have recreated the feel of Thief quite flawlessly, if we might say so. An open world with plenty of things to climb, stuff to steal, shadows as dark as night and music that’ll have you holding your breath at every turn. Also, the fact that it’s on the Doom 3 engine means that others are free to add even more content. That means more maps, more missions and more Thief.

MechWarrior: Living Legends

Living Legends1MechWarrior: Living Legends, or MW: LL for short, is what you get when you take MechWarrior Online, and combine it with the Cry Engine. Who isn’t a fan of intergalactic wars fought between giant robots with big guns? The MechWarrior series hadn’t seen any updates or add-ons for a long time and it looked like there were none planned for the series’ future. That was until a team of MW fan boys decided to fill the void with a whole new title, complete with an arsenal of Battlemechs, weapons, vehicles, environments and a loaded HUD. A solid balance between simulator and shooter, that’s what Living Legends is.



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