2014’s Gems That You Never Played

April 2, 2015 — by Kshitij "xitij2000" Sobti0



2014’s Gems That You Never Played

April 2, 2015 — by Kshitij "xitij2000" Sobti0

2014 has been an interesting year for gaming. It saw the release of some of the Kickstarter’s most awaited projects including The Banner Saga, Wasteland 2, Planetary Annihilation, Dreamfall Chapters, Defense Grid 2, and of course Broken Age. Among the more than a thousand games that released this year, chances are that there are few lesser known gems that probably didn’t register on your radar. Hopefully, some of the games we list here will scratch that itch you never knew you had.

Endless Legend

Endless LegendFans of Civilization should take a look at this innovative game that features interesting, asymmetric gameplay. Each faction requires a different approach to gameplay. You play as one of many races, each with a unique skillset; the Broken Lords are energy beings and cannot be bothered with food, the Cultists can have only one city, and the Necrophages have no concept of diplomacy, and so on.

Hexcells Infinite

hexcellsThe final game in the Hexcells series, this mind-bending puzzle game will leave you scratching your head for hours. Invest in a hat if you’d rather not go bald. Imagine Minesweeper but with hexes instead of squares, and puzzle design that shuns guessing. The final entry comes with all new puzzles, a system to import user-made puzzles and even a random puzzle mode that will keep you occupied for life!



unrestThe number of games tha    t are set in India are few indeed and this Kickstarter-backed India RPG is a breath of fresh air. It features a fresh Indian setting and some interesting game mechanics. It’s a short game, focussing on building and setting and story rather than pad the gameplay with unnecessary and contrived battles.


NEO Scavanger

neoDo you want to die repeatedly of something as trivial as a minor cut that’s been bandaged with an improperly sterilized rag? Or how about from excessive diphtheria from consuming suspect berries? Despite the simple 2D graphics, this is a deep RPG survival game with strong mechanics and a penchant for murdering the protagonist.



Another Kickstarted game that takes the Terraria / Minecraft style of gameplay to heart, Crea features a cute art stly and a sandbox with a modding system unlike any other. You can not only create quick and simple mods without any programming knowledge, but also brush up on Python and make mods that tap deep into the core of the game engine.

Blackwell Epiphany

This decidedly retro-looking game feels like it might have been released in the 90s, but creativity never ages. The Blackwell series of adventure games is about an odd coupling of the ghost of a man from the 1930s with a woman who’s just found out she’s a medium. The long-running series ends with this charming and heart-warming fifth chapter.


sokobond copyStart with the good old Sokoban puzzle game, mix in some chemistry and you get this clever and interesting gem of a game. In a surprise twist you’ll suddenly discover that you’ve loved chemistry all along! Who says that games can’t be educational?



Tabletop Simulator

TTWe’ve always loved playing tabletop games as kids, but now that very same table space comes at a premium, what with all our PCs and other devices hogging that space. Tabeltop Simulator attempts to remedy that by giving you a virtual table top inside your computer, allowing you to simulate almost any kind of board game with ease.


The Floor is Jelly

Few games get across their gimmick as clearly in their title as this game does. Bounce around in this unique platformer where the floor is literally Jelly. Yes, we’re serious. We’re not pulling your leg.


Explore a beautiful open world while uncovering stories told by the remnants of the human civilization. Find letters, newspapers, journals and sketchbooks that give you pieces of what brought the world to its current state.


If you’ve ever enjoyed games where you build a story with your friend, one sentence at a time, this is the next logical step. This is an online, collaborative story-telling game where you write your own story with others by settling challenges via narrative and letting other players overcome them with words in clever ways.


A charming city management sim set during the gold rush. Build and improve your town and trade with other towns to make the best darn city you can. It features both a story campaign and a sandbox mode.


This indie RPG might not have the graphical fidelity of Skyrim, but its narrative and charming art more than make up for it.

Velvet Sundown

Imagine a multi-player role playing adventure game without combat, with a focus on conversation, where the conversation is entirely player-driven. Despite a number of flaws, it’s a fresh gaming experience that can be tasted for free.



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