We have already have a world record Prey speed run [Update]

May 12, 2017 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

That was fast!

Bethesda’s most recent game, Prey, is doing fairly well. In case you’re wondering it’s that game where you can turn into a mug, or a plant, or anything really. Oh, and so can the aliens who’re after you. Yea, it IS pretty freaky.


Anyway, Prey is supposed to offer a good 20 hours of gameplay which is pretty good for a single player game these days. However, that didn’t stop seasoned speed-runner DraQu from finishing the game in a little over 44 minutes. Actually, scratch that, he or she managed to best even that, and now has the world record for finishing the game in a little under 20 minutes.

Here’s the run in all its glory:

One look at DraQu’s YouTube upload library will show you that DraQu has been attempting to best his or her own time. There’s a run that’s a little under an hour in length that precedes the 44-minute run. So that’s 15 minutes shaved off right there. And now with the 20-minute run, that’s another 25 minutes shaved off, which is pretty darn impressive if we say so ourselves.

Now on to the how: DraQu made use of a number of exploits and glitches in the game.

One rather popular glitch, called the recycling glitch, as shown in Captain Eggcellent’s video, pretty much let you infinitely duplicate materials. It still hasn’t been patched as of yet. At one point, DraQu even glides through the map to get to the end. At another stage, DraQu Gloo Cannon’s his or her way to places which would otherwise be inaccessible and glitches his way around areas to get to the end faster. But 20 minutes, phew. That’s hella fast.


Well, if you thought 20 minutes was fast, speedrunner Bjurnie managed to finish the game in a little less than 10 minutes! 9:55 to be exact. These times are ALL insane for a story-based exploration-driven game as far as we’re concerned. Here’s the video if you’re interested but be warned, it’s a whole lot of nothing. Because most of the run is just wall glitches. We’re not the speedrunning sort, but if that’s your thing… maybe you could learn a thing or two.



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