Witcher 3 prologue mod recreates the first Witcher game

November 13, 2017 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

A fan has created a mod for the Witcher 3 which adds a prologue of the events of the first Witcher game, recreating them in the new engine. The Witcher 3 prologue mod is short but gives you a good idea of the events that passed. It’s quite a nostalgia trip for those who have stuck around since the first game, and a must-have for those who haven’t.

Witcher 3 prologue mod

There’s no arguing that the Witcher 3 is easily one of the best RPGs to grace the world of gaming in a long time. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a lot of people (we included) wanted to experience the entire Witcher saga after having enjoyed Witcher 3. But it’s no secret that the first Witcher game looks nothing like the Witcher 3 does. We don’t mean that everyone is unrecognisable but it’s bad enough that it can deter people from playing them. 2007’s Geralt did not look much like his present-day version at all. The Witcher 3 prologue mod, however, fixes this.

Thanks to modder Erxv, the mod adds a prologue to the Witcher 3 which gives players an idea of what happens in the first Witcher game. The rich backgrounds of the characters are one of the driving forces of the game. While the Witcher 3 does do a good job of giving you hints and clues into the backgrounds of the people you meet, it leaves you wanting to know more. What better way than to relive the first game itself. Albeit, briefly.

Witcher 3 prologue mod

The mod not only recreates scenes from the first game; you also have the voiceovers from the first game. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that it took them over a year to put it out. According to Erxv there’s still a few scenes that need a touch-up but you can still check the mod out and download it here.

From what we’ve heard, CD Projekt Red has no plans of returning to the Witcher series anytime soon, but there’s still hope as they said they might still revisit the world, maybe later in the future. For now, their focus is on their most immediate title, Cyberpunk 2077.



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