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Warcraft 3 finally gets widescreen support with patch 1.29

After 16 years since release, Warcraft 3 finally has widescreen support. Other changes include changes to the UI, a lot of bug fixes and more.

Warcraft 3 patch 1.29 is now live. The Wc3 update hit the Public Test Realm (PTR) in February. In case you’re wondering, the fact that there’s a Warcraft 3 PTR is news to us as well, but it doesn’t really come as a surprise. After 16 years since its release, the game is finally getting widescreen support. This includes some changes to the UI and menus as well. Additionally, there’s additional team colours and expanded game lobbies and also a lot of bug fixes and balance changes. Yes, even today, 16 years later. Which is great.

Warcraft 3

Ladder standings have been reset. Blizzard stated that automated tournaments would be making a comeback next week. Blizzard also stated this will the last version of Warcraft 3 that will support Windows XP. Replays will not be compatible between “major game versions”, which means two things. You probably won’t be able to view older replays in the new patch, and also that we may very likely see more patches in the future. Again, which is great.

Since going live, a number of issues and disabled features in the update have been brought to light, most of which are mentioned on the Wc3 Reddit and the Blizzard forums. Developers are already working on it and plan to release a patch “early next week”, in their words, to address the issues. The overall response to the patch though, appears to be positive, so it’s a step in the right direction for Blizzard and Warcraft 3. We’re quite excited to get back into it ourselves. You can check the entirety of the changes here.

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