Valve is working on its own VR headset with a 135 degree FoV

November 13, 2018 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

Rumor has it that Valve is working on their own VR headset as seen in images leaked on to Imgur.

The HTC Vive was worked on in collaboration with Valve, and HTC very recently showcased the previously China-exclusive HTC Vive Focus, a mobile VR headset. It does seem a tad odd that Valve is coming up with their own headset despite that, but it’s not unlikely that Valve could have been working on their own VR headset. They have dedicated substantial manpower in recent times to developing VR.


According to the date on the images, they were taken back in July of this year. The images are however, not verified or confirmed by Valve, but a close look at the images seems to show that they are indeed authentic, there’s even a Valve logo on the circuit boards. If they’re fake, well, they’re rather high quality fakes.


Further inspection shows that the VR headset appears to have headphones built-in to it, there are also two visible cameras, so we could probably expect a wider or larger FoV that what the Vive provided. Another thing that UploadVR pointed out was the headset padding, which looks similar to the padding on Valve’s prototype “Knuckles” controllers. These are quite a few hints pointing towards the authenticity of the leaks and the possibility of a VR headset from Valve being true.

Valve is still partnered with HTC and has worked with them on the Vive and Vive Pro, so we’re unsure of this was a solo effort, or also a collab.


Certain sources, according to UploadVR, have confirmed that the headsets are indeed prototypes for an upcoming VR headset from Vive, and that they will come paired with the “Knuckles” controllers. There was also talk of an upcoming Half-Life VR game. Yes, Half-Life. Hmmmm.



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