Ubisoft shows off Far Cry 5 gameplay at E3

June 14, 2017 — by Prithvi "FattuFarmer" Sudhan0

The next instalment in the Far Cry series: Far Cry 5, is set in an America overrun by a radical cult and promises many interesting mechanics.

Far Cry Primal did pretty good for Ubisoft so the bar for Far Cry 5 was set pretty high – high enough for them to warrant pushing their 2017 release to 2018. They announced the game after a week of teasing last month and showed off gameplay at E3 this year. It plays remarkably similar to previous games in the series but there are a few small things to let you know that this is indeed a new game. They especially emphasised on the “For Hire” mechanic, which looks promising and oh, you can also customise your character! Woohoo!

Far Cry 5

So, the premise is that it’s set in a fictional place called Hope County in Montana – an idyllic, rural paradise which unfortunately has a bloodthirsty, doomsday cult ruling it with an iron fist. This cult, named ‘The Project’, is headed by a preacher gone wild (not that kind of wild) called Joseph Seed, who has established a congregation called Eden’s Gate. Joseph Seed, along with his siblings, call themselves the Father and the Heralds respectively and coerce people to join their cult and kill those who oppose them. You play as a Sheriff’s Deputy sent to arrest the Father and get swept up into the struggle between the residents of Hope County and Eden’s Gate.

Far Cry 5

The “For Hire” mechanic that Ubisoft has been touting looks very interesting on paper. You can convince locals to fight for you and call upon them for help. What’s more interesting is that the animal taming from Far Cry Primal is back, in the form of ‘Fangs for Hire’ – the dog in the trailer literally fetches you an AR-15. Cmon, you can’t beat that. There’s a co-op mode as well so you can team up with your friends and take on cultists with the power of friendship. There are also lots of guns and vehicles for you to wreck havoc in and apparently, more melee weapons as well, forcing you to get down ‘n’ dirty with close quarters combat. Far Cry 5 releases on 27th Feb 2018 and we expect a lot more details to trickle, or rather, leak out, in typical Ubisoft fashion.



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