Ubisoft is opening a new studio in Mumbai, India

March 22, 2018 — by Skoar Harbinger0

Ubisoft is opening a new studio in India, in Mumbai specifically, which will be focusing primarily on collaborating with Ubisoft’s several other studios on AAA game development. The Ubisoft Pune studio also has worked on many of Ubisoft’s recent AAA titles including Assassin’s Creed Origins and the upcoming Far Cry 5. Ubisoft’s expansion in the country could mean that more major game companies might notice India and decide to set up shop here. Jean-Philippe Pieuchot, Managing Director of the Ubisoft Pune studio and now of Ubisoft Mumbai as well, stated that the ultimate goal is to majorly develop AAA games right here, in India.

Ubisoft Mumbai
The Ubisoft Pune studio

Find the complete press release below

Ubisoft Expands Its Creative Force With The Opening Of New Studio In India New Studio in Mumbai Focusing on AAA Game Development and Live Operations

SAN FRANCISCO – March 22nd , 2018 – Today, Ubisoft announced that it will increase its creative capacities in India with the upcoming opening of Ubisoft Mumbai. The new studio will participate in co-development of AAA games for some of Ubisoft’s biggest franchises, and expect to add at least 100 new talents to Ubisoft’s creative workforce in their two first years of operation.

The new studio demonstrate Ubisoft’s commitment to develop engaging and immersive game worlds in addition to world-class entertainment franchises. The new studio will plug into Ubisoft’s cross-studio collaboration approach, in which Ubisoft studios from across the globe work together on AAA game development and live operations, with each studio providing distinct contributions based on their areas of expertise. Ubisoft is already present in India (Pune) and Mumbai studio will help reinforce and consolidate Ubisoft’s game development ecosystem. Ubisoft Mumbai will help support the company’s global production needs, bolster local expertise and create additional opportunities for local talents.

“This year marks the tenth anniversary of Ubisoft’s presence in India. Our commitment to India is now strengthened by the new expansions in Mumbai. Mumbai being one of the biggest cities in the world, the opening of a new studio here will allow us to reach out to both national and international talents. By opening up to this wide high-potential talent pool, I’m confident Mumbai studio will help us attract more creative profiles and expand the diversity of our internal creative force.” said Christine Burgess-Quémard, Executive Director of Ubisoft’s worldwide studios. “I am proud to see how our production presence is growing, and strongly believe that it is by investing and expanding our knowledge and expertise internally that we will be able to keep delivering the high quality entertainment experiences of the future.”

Ubisoft Mumbai
The Ubisoft Mumbai core team

Ubisoft Mumbai will report directly to Jean-Philippe Pieuchot, Managing Director of the Pune studio. The Ubisoft Mumbai team will work closely with Ubisoft Pune, collaborating on the development of Ubisoft’s AAA console games. Several senior team members from Pune will also join the new studio in Mumbai to build the local core team and help new recruits to ramp up quickly. Mumbai being one of the biggest cities in the world, the studio will be able to tap into a new national and international talent pool. The studio is looking to recruit up to 100 talents within two years with a focus on hiring programmers and artists. Ubisoft Mumbai will also collaborate with the Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai by becoming clients of IIT-B Research Park Foundation to work on research topics with a focus mainly on Machine Learning & AI and Intuit Lab for Game Art, both schools known to train the brightest talents from India. The new studio is scheduled to open this year in June.

“I’m very excited to see our presence growing in the country. Opening a studio in one of the world’s biggest and most dynamic cities will open the doors to a new pool of talents.” said Jean-Philippe Pieuchot, Managing Director for Ubisoft Pune and Ubisoft Mumbai. “Our ambition is to contribute towards the development of the Indian video game ecosystem by partnering closely with top schools and institutions.” Ubisoft is committed to creating an inclusive work environment that reflects the diversity of our player community, and is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to their race, ethnicity, religion, gender sexual orientation, age or disability status. We are currently recruiting and job opportunities can be found on Ubisoft website for Mumbai.



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