Two ArenaNet employees fired over tweets

July 13, 2018 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

Among the latest happenings in the world of gaming right now is the story of two ArenaNet employees who were fired for attacking the Guild Wars 2 community.


For the sake of context, let’s go through the whole thing from the start. It all began when Jessica Price, one of the two employees who was fired and then part of the Guild Wars 2 narrative team, made a post discussing the approach ArenaNet takes when it comes to the narrative structure of the game. It was an interesting read, which we won’t take away from her. You can read the entire thread here.

Guild Wars 2 partner and YouTuber Deroir, replied to the thread saying the the same, following which he added that he *slightly* disagreed with some of it. He even gave an explanation in his response as to why he thought so, to anyone else reading the response, which we’ll post below, it looked to be the start of an interesting discussion/debate.

However, things end up going south when Price instantly went on the defensive. For some reason, she plays the sexism card here when there doesn’t appear to be any.

Deroir responds to this in a civilized manner and even retracts his statement, claiming it was never his intention to bring gender into this.

But it would appear that Price wasn’t done, following up with another tweet that seemed completely unnecessary.

Since this has come into the limelight, it has also brought into account older tweets of Price where she’s showcased such behavior. While ArenaNet immediately took action the following day and fired Jessica Price and Peter Fries, who defended her actions on Twitter, it would seem that the majority of the mainstream game media sites are on Price’s side for this one.

From sexism in the industry (which we won’t deny exists), to the company ‘soliciting harassment’, to calling Twitter (a public platform) a private platform, Price has a large list of reasons as to why she is not in the wrong. The sad thing is a lot of people seem to be lapping it up.



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