Thronebreaker – a standalone RPG from CD Projekt in the works

August 30, 2018 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

Thronebreaker was a single player campaign announced back in August 2017 for the popular Witcher-based card game Gwent. It was expected to come out late last year but plans changed and it was pushed to 2018, and it looks like CD Projekt has actually bumped the project up to a full-scale standalone RPG which will go by Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales.


Now when we say full-scale, we don’t mean Witcher-style full scale. Most of the action in the game will still involve Gwent. However, the story and single-player campaign will be fleshed out with over 30 hours of content and plenty of “choices and consequences”.

Thronebreaker was initially going to be based on Meve, Queen of Rivia. She is the one who knighted Geralt post the Battle for the Bridge on the Yaruga in the war against Nilfgaard. We don’t see or hear much of her in the Witcher games, but she’s a big deal in the Witcher lore. It would be nice if she’s still the centre of the game.

Thronebreaker will release as a standalone game, and not as an expansion to the already existing Gwent game, meaning it probably won’t be free. But this is CD Projekt, so expectations are already high.

We don’t yet know of a set release date for the game.



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