The mystery Fortnite cube blew up, transported players to weird dimension

November 5, 2018 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

The mysterious Fortnite cube that has been romping around the map since August, blew up, after which it transported players to an alternate dimension, and a really weird one at that.

Fortnite cube

Epic announced the event in advance, letting players know that they might want to be in-game at a specific time in the game. Those who were in-game witnessed the, or rather, experienced what happened when the cube went boom.

Weird is definitely an apt description here, in a world that looked like you were in the Quantum Realm like shown in the Antman movie, with weird lights, that looked like Navi from the Legend of Zelda. The moment one of the butterflies landed on your fingertips, you were transported back to Fortnite, only now you were on the new map… and now Stonehenge is in the middle of Loot Lake?

The cube rolled to Loot Lake sometime around September, which is when it became purple, and then at the beginning of Season 6 it was in the sky, and then then well, it’s just weird really, we want some of what the guys at Epic Games are on. Anyway, the cube started cracking and getting darker till, well, this happened. Check out the ‘splosion above ala YouTuber Champ. We may not play Fortnite a lot, but we’re definitely impressed by the way Epic keep things fresh. You do you, Epic, you do you.



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