SVRVIVE, a VR mystery adventure for the HTC Vive

August 4, 2016 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

SVRVIVE AB, a Virtual Reality games studio based in Stockholm, have unveiled their inaugural VR game, SVRVIVE for the HTC Vive. The demo is now available on Steam and their website. Try it out!


SVRVIVE AB was founded by Faviana Vangelius and co-founded with game developer duo Hampus Granberg and Pontus Petterson and venture builders Johan Svärd and Nils von Heijne, the former head of digital communications for AVICII. It boasts an eminent advisory board of tech and gaming heavyweights such as HTC’s Senior VP of Virtual Reality – Rikard Steiber, Jenny Nordenborg – founder of Neat Corporation and creator of the much-hyped Budget Cuts, and Sofia Sheppard – legal advisor for Spotify.

”We are excited to enter the exploding VR market with such a skilled team, experienced advisors and a game title which we feel is making the most of VR by taking players to new worlds.” – Faviana Vangelius, CEO and co-founder at SVRVIVE AB.

SVRVIVE is a mystery adventure game for the HTC Vive where you get abducted from Earth and are forced to join an alien workforce. You will get to explore different dimensions of the universe as you solve your way through every puzzle thrown at you. The game requires you to investigate and interact with your environment, leaving no place unturned in your quest for clues. SVRVIVE will release in episodes and each mission you complete will give you more information about the alien organisation I-DBUGS – The Inter-Dimensional Bureau of Universal Genetic Survival – and the ancient and peaceful culture of the Susurri.


SVRVIVE focuses on VR gameplay and hopes to provide a new and dynamic gaming experience on the HTC Vive. It hopes to immerse players into new worlds and dimensions and give them a baffling story to ponder upon as well. Chapter one for SVRVIVE is expected to release this fall, and the demo is available on Steam and their website.




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