Street Fighter: Miniatures meets $400k goal in less than a week

April 9, 2018 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

When you think Street Fighter the first that pops into your head normally isn’t a tabletop game, it’s the complete opposite of that for that matter. It’s a fast-paced arcade game for crying out loud, how you gonna transition that into tabletop? However, a Street Fighter tabletop game on kickstarter has amassed over $750,000 in less than a week since it launched. It’s called Street Fighter: Miniatures and features grid-based stages with destructible environment, several game modes, and a turn and deck-based combat system.

Street Fighter

How the game works is every player draws two cards from their respective fighter’s battle deck and can move around the board during this phase. After this, each player has two extra actions, they can choose to move again, or draw a card, or play cards they have. Whether or not your action works depends on the dice roll.

On the defender’s side of things, you can choose to simply block, or counter-attack, depending on your dice roll. There’s also a gauge that builds up as you play which lets you enhance attacks and use combos. So yea, it’s basically Street Fighter turned into a board game.

It’s not cheap though, the base game, which comes with 8 fighters (including figurines and battle decks) costs $80. At $140, you get any fighters that have been unlocked via the campaign’s stretch goals, which as of right now is 3: Guile, Blanka and E. Honda. There are nine more planned. If you’re willing to dish out $280, you’ll all the above and four expansion packs, each with four additional characters.

Street Fighter

Note that the miniature figurines used in the game are really well-made and definitely of worth to collectors. They’ve deliberately been made in sizes larger than usual. So even if you don’t play the game itself, the figurines can be put on display. Check them out below.

If this tickles your fancy, check out their Kickstarter here. Also, we thought we should point out that Angry Joe of YouTube fame is one of the game’s creators.



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