Steam users uncover images that hint at a new Steam UI

February 3, 2017 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

Are we going to be seeing a new Steam UI? Or are these mock-ups just ideations and concepts that weren't meant to see the light of day?

The folks at SteamDB uncovered a folder in the latest Steam client beta which contained a host of assets connected to one “SteamU.” Speculation suggests that the ‘U’ may stand for Universal. The assets included images that feature a new Steam UI. Why Universal? Maybe this image might help.

Steam UI

Steam has primarily been all about games and gaming related content. So while they did sell non-gaming software, movies, and even soundtracks bundled as DLC, these things always came second to gaming. The images of the new Steam UI that were discovered were all mock images but they could very well be the direction in which Valve is planning to take Steam. As you can see in the images, there are sections for categories such as Comics, TV, and Music, which have been added alongside Games as a major category.

Steam UI

There’s been a lot of speculation regarding the images that were in the update. There’s a mock image for a new game front page. Then, running along the middle of the image we can see Dota 2’s Dark Rift update, from last year.

Steam UI

Netflix support in the new steam UI?

The last image has a bit of desktop showing, which lists a bunch of downloaded items. We can note that the date on the desktop is 12/7/2016 (which probably means 7th of December since they read the month before the day). Among the downloaded files is one that reads something like netflix_master_sign-in, which could imply that Valve is indeed moving towards movie and TV integration.

Or it could all just be nothing. Valve soon released another update after the first that removed the files from the Steam beta client folder, as tweeted by SteamBD.

SteamDB did manage to salvage some of files from the update though, so if you want to go through them, you can do so here.

There really isn’t much to go on at this time, unless Valve reveals something about a new Steam UI. The fact that Valve released an update that removes the files means that their inclusion was not intended. So it could just have been an ideation or a concept. However, we can totally see Valve’s integrated streaming service in Steam for the SteamOS and SteamVR in the future.



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