Steam privacy update ‘disadvantageous’ for sites like Steam Spy

April 11, 2018 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

Valve has updated Steam’s Profile Privacy settings, which now has a range of new control options for how users’ information is displayed on Steam. Users will now be able to choose what can see which games you’ve purchased or white-listed. This includes other info as well, such as achievements and playtime.

Steam Spy

So you won’t be able to see what someone has been playing this week, or how long they’ve spent playing it in (like how Adi has spent over 4000 hours on Warframe!) total or recently unless they want the info to be visible to everyone or just their friends.

The new privacy settings however has rendered several Steam stat tracking websites useless. Steam Spy operator Sergey Galyonkin tweeted via the Steam Spy account that the new changes to the privacy settings makes games owned by users hidden by default. These were stats Steam Spy depended on but will no longer be able to acquire unless users opt to keep their information open. Most users never bothered hiding the information prior to the change as the information was open by default, but since it’s now hidden by default most won’t bother doing it the other way around either.

Of course, if all users opted to keep their games view-able there would be no problems, but it’s highly unlikely that every single Steam user will opt to do so.

Another additional feature on the way is the “invisible” mode. This will let you set yourself to invisible, instead of completely going offline on chat. Setting yourself to invisible will allow you to still chat with and view your friends list.



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