Star Wars: Empire at War multiplayer is back with recent update

September 4, 2017 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

The recent Star Wars: Empire at War update brings back multiplayer support for both the core game and the Forces of Corruption expansion

Star Wars: Empire at War is an RTS set in the Star Wars universe which released back in 2006. It’s also one of the better Star Wars games to release, with many hailing it as a solid RTS and a good representation of large scale wars in the Star Wars Universe. Unfortunately, the Star Wars: Empire at War multiplayer scene pretty much died when Gamespy closed down in 2014. This also ended up being a big factor deterring people from buying and playing the game.

However, in a secret move by Disney and Petroglyph, an update was released which re-enabled multiplayer support to the game via Steam for both the core game and the Forces of Corruption expansion.

The patch also added mod support to the game ala Steamworks and addresses several graphical bugs and stability issues.

Empire at War

Here what Petroglyph had to say:

“We have continued to watch the EAW community closely over the years and appreciate all the excellent support you have given us and the game. Our thanks to all of you for the great feedback, awesome mod packs, and overwhelmingly positive reviews and Disney for facilitating the release of this work.  We hope you enjoy this special update.”

You can find the patch notes below.

  • Gamespy completely removed as multiplayer solution in lieu of Steam multiplayer back-end in both FOC and EAW
  • Enabled windowed mode support
  • 2 internal crashes found/fixed – no specific repro steps available
  • Fix for broken object shadows in Empire at War: Forces of Corruption
  • Fix for start game button not highlighting on mouse over
  • Fix for multiplayer campaign save/load not picking the right save game on the client
  • Support for more than 3 AI players in applicable games
  • Fix for Galactic save/load not loading a save game unless it’s in slot 0
  • Disable General Network Options button – This was only applicable to old modem/GameSpy players
  • Hooked up community/web buttons to appropriate Steam overlay pages/websites as applicable (The old Gamespy buttons simply don’t work anymore so we repurposed them)
  • Enabled selection/list of player mods on hard drive
  • Crash fix for attempting to load an FOC mod in original EAW game
  • Bug fix for creating units that are non-selectable in very long duration Galactic mode games (makes save games unplayable past a certain point)



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