Route Mobile to invest USD 10m into COBX Gaming, an Indian eSports venture

March 30, 2017 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

International eSports team: The Dream

Route Mobile founder Rajdip Gupta has announced an investment of USD 10 million or over INR 65 crore to start COBX Gaming Ventures, an electronic gaming startup. COBX has also announced the launch of an international and Indian eSports league.

COBX Gaming

Additionally, last month USports and Nazara Games, two major players in the Indian gaming market invested big in the Indian eSports scene. USports’ Ronnie Screwvala decided to invest Rs. 100 crore over 10 years while the mobile game developer/publisher promised a Rs. 130 crore investment over the same time period.

The goal of COBX Gaming is to create an Indian eSports outfit which can compete with best of the world by next year, i.e, 2018.

“I’m aware of the competitors in the space, but I firmly believe that we have something new to offer. Our goal is to get one Indian team to participate regularly at the international level. The prize money for the first edition is Rs. 10 lakh, but it will only increase later”, said Gupta.

Gupta points out that the talent in our country in games such as DotA 2 and CS GO are not bad at all – the only thing missing is exposure. His main goal is to make India a fixed destination on the international eSports calendar. And what better way for young teams to learn than to be exposed to experienced teams from around the world. COBX Gaming aims to accomplish this.

The COBX Gaming domestic eSports league is intended to launch by April and has two categories – Open and Invites. Invited teams automatically qualify for final rounds. The Open tournament will act as the qualifier for the remainder teams. The current best against the up and coming best.

COBX Gaming

One of the teams very likely to be invited to this tournament is Brutality. Team captain Ankit “V3nom” Panth had this to say, “The missing puzzles are being joined slowly. We have UCypher which will take eSports to the masses by broadcasting it on television followed by Nazara, another big league happening and now we have Route Mobile who has the vision to make a team in India who can represent us in the Majors and also get International players to the country to prove that there is a thing called eSports here as well.”

He added, “Due to the Indian Gaming Carnival scam a few years back I feel our country was being avoided, but now if this thing goes per plan and we do see international teams flying to India by the end of this year to play a tournament, I am sure that we are going to explode as a community by 2018.”

There’s a lot of big players investing in the Indian eSports scene and it looks like there might be plenty more this year. Expect 2018 to be a mammoth year for the eSports scene in India.



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