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August 6, 2016 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

We got to see some game footage for Prey for the first time at Quakecon, courtesy of Arkane’s Raphael Colantonio and Ricardo Bare. And it looks like it’s going for a dark vibe with shadowy aliens and eye injections and whatnot. But uh, when the protagonist Morgan Yu turns into a mug, one begins to wonder.


Prey is set on a space station called Talos One, which was used to run experiments on humans. Naturally, something has gone wrong and there’s aliens and stuff in the hallways. Now this is all a tried and tested formula, but here’s where it begins to deviate away from that. Now Morgan has the ability to gain powers and even learn the powers of the aliens that lurk around Talos One. One way to do so is to jam ‘Neuromods’ found around the station into his eye. Yes you read that right, into his eye. The other way is to learn the abilities from the aliens.

Now the ability we’re concerned with here is mimic – which allowed them aliens to turn into inanimate objects as a disguise. At some point as you progress through the game, Morgan also learns to use this mimic ability. Now in the demo we actually see Morgan using this ability when he gets locked in a room and transforms himself into a mug. Err, once he turns into a mug he rolls his way through a small gap in the window. Sounds like fun.


Now mimic is just one of the many abilities available to Morgan. There’s an ability called Kinetic Blast, which pretty much shoots you skywards while you’re mimicked as a small object. While it may seem a bit silly – which it kinda is – it’s still a fun thing to mess around with.


There’s a lot of physics based abilities and items, such as the imploding grenade that sucks in nearby stuff, which you can use to get materials, which you’ll be needing in order to build anything in the game. There’s also the ‘Gloo Gun’, which is like a wet cement shooter. Shoot it at the bad guys and watch them freeze. You can use all these items to find hidden areas and unlock new paths. So look around carefully!

So in conclusion, Prey looks like fun, dark.. But fun nonetheless.



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