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Ressurekt SKOAR! – Will you buy into it?

We’ve come a long, long way with SKOAR! From the first crazy issues of the magazine that thumbed its nose at everything, including our own management.

We’ve come a long, long way with SKOAR! From the first crazy issues of the magazine that thumbed its nose at everything, including our own management, the Editor then (Badjag) was a maverick, but admittedly a brilliant one. And boy, did readers love SKOAR!, and everything it stood for. In the early 2000s, gaming was quite simply a waste of time as far as all Indian parents were concerned, and because gaming needed a much more significant investment of a powerful PC with a graphics card, very few were able to convince their parents to buy into it.

How we play games and the cost of entry into the world of gaming has gone down, with even cheap phones being perfectly capable of playing some pretty impressive games, and not just simple things like snake on the good old Nokias. Everything from browser games to board games, and more are all the rage now, with more people calling themselves gamers than ever before. Communities are built around a single game, and hordes of people flock together to watch their heroes (the professional gamers) kick arse at whatever game it is. Despite the internet moving on from discussion forums, it’s gaming forums that still exist and thrive in old school style. If it’s gaming related, it’s got a niche to exist, and will probably find enough people to cause it to do so.

That’s what we wanted to do with SKOAR! when we started it. It wasn’t just another magazine that you wanted to hide from your parents, it was a magazine that would kick arse and make you sit up and take notice. It was a brand that thrived on the edge, and forced you to face a few uncomfortable questions. It talked about sex in games, openly glorified blood and gore, and wasn’t politically correct for the sake of it. It treated you like rational human beings, and willingly allowed you to enter the fantasy world of video games without trying to hold you back.

Then the damn recession happened and Indian companies pulled budgets from gaming first. With no budgets and us making a loss, our company pulled the plug on SKOAR! as well. We kept it alive and brought it into the mother brand Digit, where it remains even to this day. It shouldn’t though. SKOAR! is a beast that needs to be set free, and it needs readers old and new to pledge allegiance to the cause. We have a site and a half man team, pushing it along, but it needs more.

People on various forums have asked me to bring back SKOAR! as a magazine of its own, with a team and a proper site, to cater to the Indian gamer, to satisfy their thirst for all things gaming, and to prove once and for all that gaming is indeed serious business here.

But is gaming really something you’re serious enough about? Are you willing to spend a pittance of Rs. 150 a month – less than the cost of two drinks at a coffee chain – to bring SKOAR! back to life? If we can get a mere 10,000 people to pledge to subscribe for a year, we’ll restart SKOAR!, and not on Valve time either with the “when it’s done” motto. So will you buy into it? It’s just 1800 bucks, and you get a kickass magazine and site, or your money back. Are you game?

Crowdfunding campaign coming soon, watch this page…


Robert "Raaabo" Sovereign-Smith

Raaabo is a Half-life franchise fanboy and an old school Quake III enthusiast. He's still waiting for Valve to learn to count to 3.

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