Red Dead Redemption 2 leaked PC footage looks like the real deal

December 20, 2018 — by Nikhil "Nagobai" Nagvekar0

But it's yet to be confirmed

What looks like Red Dead Redemption 2 PC footage was leaked on Youtube but there are certain doubts which need to be clarified for confirmation. The video was leaked by a user who removed it later but was saved and re-uploaded by other Youtube users. Below is the leaked footage:

It’s just a 26-second long video which shows the display settings screen in the game. One can see Red Dead Redemption 2’s graphics settings below all other options like sharpness, brightness, colorblind mode and kill shots. The user also changes the resolution of the game in the video, certainly making it look more convincing. Although the video is noticeably blurry, it’s possible to make out things which can be tweaked like screen type, resolution, refresh rate, FXAA, VSync, and some other quality settings.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Things that make us question the authenticity of the video are that the video shows barely anything more than the settings menu which apparently can be the easiest thing to fake. Moreover, some missing graphics settings compared to the Rockstar’s last PC implementation, GTA 5, such as missing post-processing options, are noticeable. Although FXAA can be turned on, other anti-aliasing techniques or things like ambient occlusion or anisotropic filtering are absent. Lastly, no PC version for RDR2 has been announced by Rockstar games as of yet.

While we can’t assure the authenticity of the leaked footage, the chances of Red Dead Redemption 2 coming to the PC platform can’t be ignored. Some convincing evidence that the game can indeed come to the PC is that Red Dead Redemption 2 Companion app itself has references to a PC version including multiple settings like anisotropic quality levels, TXAA, particle shadow quality, particle lighting quality, motion blur strength, grass quality, reflections, shadow distance. And there was the Red Dead Redemption 2 profile which had briefly appeared on Linkedin and was listed on a retailer site, Media Markt.



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