Rainbow Six Siege hits its newest concurrent player high

March 8, 2018 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

This is after the recent, massive Operation Chimera update.

It’s been three years since Rainbow Six Siege graced us with its presence and it’s still going strong. After the recent update, the massive Operation Chimera, the player number has only gone up, with the peak concurrent player count reaching it’s newest high at 176,856.

Rainbow Six Siege

Operation Chimera came with two new operators and a new mode called Outbreak, which is – surprise surprise! – a co-op zombie mode.

Additionally, there are some other changes coming to the game with Operation Chimera. If you were one of the people who purchased the Advanced, Gold, or Complete Edition of the game, all 20 of the original Operators will now be free for you. Also, all weapon attachments will be free for everybody. It should be noted though, if you spent real money to unlock those operators or attachments prior to the update, you will not be refunded. This obviously has many players miffed.

Additionally, Ubisoft is also addressing bugs and issues that obviously come with major new updates, such as players not receiving the free Outbreak packs and disconnections.

Ubisoft has a lot more changes planned for the game in the future, such a pick-and-ban system, map reworks and more.

Rainbow Six Siege has been doing fairly well in the past few months. It’s been sitting on a comfortable player average of between 50k – 60k in just the past three to four months, which is pretty much double of what it was around this time last year according to SteamCharts data. Keep in mind that’s SteamCharts, so players playing via Uplay aren’t even being counted. That’s growth for ya. #grofit



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