SKOAR! » Stream-snipers turn ‘stream-honkers’ after latest PUBG update

Stream-snipers turn ‘stream-honkers’ after latest PUBG update

The latest PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds update has stream-snipers honking away at their favourite streamers; they’re being called ‘stream-honkers’

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds recently had a huge update with a lot of new features being implemented into the game. One of those was the ability to honk while driving cars. Something stream-snipers are apparently having a field day over.


Well, that feature, in particular, has been the cause of irritation for a lot of streamers. The reason being that stream-snipers are now resorting to just honking incessantly at streamers after locating them in-game.

What are stream-snipers?

For those of you who don’t know what stream-snipers are, they locate streamers in-game (could be any game) by watching their live stream and queuing up or logging in only when they do. Since the delay isn’t much, it’s surprisingly easy to locate streamers if you happened to be in the same lobby as them. Stream-sniping is condemned by most gamers and is generally considered a very ass-h*le thing to do.

While stream-sniping can be considered a bannable offence, stream-honking is well, just plain annoying.

Basically, people are getting into the same server as the streamer, finding a car, locating the streamer by watching their stream, then proceeding to honk away to eternity until they’re either shot at or they die. If they’re shot at, they speed away but eventually make their way back to the streamer for another round of honking.

Bluehole has banned a player in the past for stream-sniping so we know that it’s a bannable offence, but stream-honking? Time will tell.

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