PUBG Mobile has over 20 million daily players

September 14, 2018 — by Manish "Trigger-Happy" Rajesh0

After we recently reported that PUBG on PC had just dropped under the one million player mark, on the other side of the coin, PUBG mobile is doing extremely well. The game publishers, Tencent, have announced that they now have 20 million daily active users. It’s very possible that the numbers are inflated, but it won’t be too far off. And this not even counting players from China, Japan, and Korea. PUBG Mobile officially came out only 6 months ago.

PUBG Mobile

As compared to the PC version, PUBG mobile has been pretty good with consistent support. There are regular updates and the most recent update, 0.8.0 which just landed comes with the Sanhok map and numerous more additions for weapons, gears and vehicles.

The update size was pretty massive for a mobile game at 1.5 GB on the Play Store and 2 GB on the Apple App Store.

As we mentioned above, the PC version of PUBG isn’t doing too hot, and on the day of the Blackout beta, it dropped below the one million player mark.

Daily players have been on a downward slope since the year began, and the most obvious culprit for this is how poorly optimised the game is. PUBG Corp have recently stated that they’re working to “fix” the game. If they want to see a peak like the 3.2 million they had on their best day, then that’s definitely the right course of action.



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