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PUBG might have an AFK farming problem

PUBG’s player base is growing at an alarming rate, which has brought light to AFK farming in the game, but devs aren’t sure how to tackle them

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds recently hit the 10 million copies sold milestone. That’s 10 million copies sold since its release in March, or roughly 60,000 copies sold a day. Pretty impressive for a game that hasn’t even released yet and is still in Early Access. However, the rising number of players has also given light to another problem. AFKers. Turns out, PUBG has an AFKer problem. Well, AFK farming to be more exact. There are no statistics as to how much this happens but it happens. We’ve seen quite a few AFKers in our own PUBG games.

AFK farming

What is AFK farming?

Basically, players drop into games only to stand around doing nothing till they’re killed, accumulating all the battle points they can get before queuing up for another round of AFK farming.

Because of the addition of rare-tiered cosmetics into the game which can be sold on the Steam marketplace, battle point farming is quite lucrative, with the more rare cosmetics selling for thousands of rupees.

Developer BlueHole has acknowledged that it’s a problem, as told to PC Gamer in an interview. However, they also pointed out that as far they’re aware of right now, the portion of players that are AFK farming for BP is not very high.

Producer Chang-Hand said that his team will definitely look at the issue but they’re not sure how exactly to tackle the situation. Will they have to shift the balance of BP earned in favour of those that take more action, or will they have to take measures to prevent people from going AFK for long periods of time?

The problem here is that in a game like PUBG, the waiting game is not uncommon. There will be many players who aren’t actively doing anything at any given time, waiting to ambush someone or hiding in a bush somewhere.

It is quite the dilemma, so it looks like AFK farmers will be able to get away with it for a while longer. How would you tackle such a situation?

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