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PUBG hit with over 10,000 negative reviews in a day

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – PUBG was hit with over 10,000 negative reviews over just the span of a day following the introduction of in-game ads.

PUBG – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – has been hit with well over 10,000 negative reviews over just the span of a day. This was in follow-up to a host of various issues with the game and its administration of unfair bans. The biggest issue of which is probably the introduction of ads for players located in China. PUBG is in some hot water right now.


If you’ve been lurking around on Steam of late, you would have noticed that the most played game on Steam is PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It’s already broken Steam’s record for the most concurrent players, taking the throne from Dota 2.


But, You will have noticed recently that it’s gone from an overall positive rating to mixed in just the span of a few days. This is the result of a slew of issues the game has been facing which we’ll address now.

PUBG Optimisation

First off, optimisation. To be fair, the game is STILL in alpha, it’s not officially out yet, but we had to point it out anyway, the game’s pretty close to release, they’re already working on new maps and such, you’d think they’d optimise the game so it’s at least playable first.

Unfair Bans

It would seem right now that PUBG devs will do anything to appease to streamers, even if they cry wolf. The moment they die they claim they’re being “stream sniped” and the devs are quick to administer the (permanent) ban hammer. We came across quite a few negative reviews where players complained that they got banned for stream snipping when they weren’t even aware of the streamer’s existence! Some kind of moderator really needs to be put in place to address this abuse of power.

PUBG Servers

Next, you have the servers, even if you have a beast of a PC to run the game smoothly at a steady 60fps, there’s no telling if the server can handle it. We get it, there are over a million people playing the game at a time, but that’s really no excuse. As of right now, it would seem that the North American and European servers are the only stable ones, with complaints flowing into Steam about how players are constantly getting kicked from the other regions’ servers. This, in turn, is forcing players from other regions to queue up on NA and EU servers, where they’re obviously handicapped with much higher ping.

In-game Ads

Which brings us to the last issue, remember how we pointed out that players from other regions are having to queue up on NA and EU servers? Well, if that wasn’t enough, players from China are getting in-game ads for a third-party VPN. A gaming VPN, or ping booster/accelerator if you will, along the lines of WTFast or BattlePing for example.

In-game ads? Really PUBG? It’s no wonder people are pissed, you’re showing ads in a game players paid full price for, AND the game’s not even out yet! If that wasn’t enough, the fact that it’s a ping booster is another slap in the face. It’s like telling players “Yea, our servers are sh*t right now, just pay some more and use a VPN to play on our other servers.”

You really ought to fix your servers first rather than advertise a tool to players to play better on other servers.

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