SKOAR! » PUBG ban hammered 8000 players in just 24 hours

PUBG ban hammered 8000 players in just 24 hours

PUBG ban hammered well over 150,000 players since March this year. After partnering up with anti-cheating platform BattleEye, that number has tripled.

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that PUBG is huge right now. It’s the most played game on Steam and has well over 15 million copies sold, and it still hasn’t even released yet. The game’s still in early access and has its own share of problems to deal with. One of which is cheaters. PUBG ban hammered 8000 players on just Friday the 13th, seems kind of apt in a way.

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Of late, PUBG has been going on a banning spree, but while there were complaints about being banned for stream sniping, the massive ban hammer that was recently swung seems to have been targeted at cheaters. None of the accused were charged with stream sniping. This happened after PUBG teamed up with anti-cheating platform BattlEye. Since they teamed up, bans for cheating have tripled in just the span of a month!

To give you an idea, both the PUBG and BattlEye official Twitter accounts tweeted out that over 150,000 cheaters had been banned from the game, with over 8000 happening in just the span of 24 hours.

It was also found that the majority of the cheaters being banned were from China.

So if you happen to be one of those 2 million players playing the game, maybe don’t cheat because BattlEye is evidently pretty good at its job. Or maybe it’s just ban hammering willy-nilly. We’ll soon find out.

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